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Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure
Java, Python, PHP, JavaScript, HTML5
IOS, Android, Windows
GPS, BLE, iBeacon, NFC, AirDrop etc

About Us

Cloud Mavericks is focused cloud development company with strong intent to build the specialized set of skills and practice in cloud technology to deliver solutions to Enterprises, Start Ups, and consumer solutions on both mobile and web.

The company's foundation is build on innovation, quality and process. People are the key asset to the company and team for for delivering the great solution to our customers. Our thought process is to dedicating our 20% if our resources time in research and development of new technologies to ensure we stay ahead on the innovation.

Also we embark on the using all the best of class collaboration tools to ensure the quality and process is taken on the top most priority in various stages of the full development cycle like communication, documentation, wire-framing, UI and UX, project management, development methodology, testing, reviewing and feedback etc.

Technology is the another key element of our company and we thrive to ensure that we are up to date with our knowledge on the upcoming trends on the technology and customer demand trends.


Business Dashboard On the move Get a near real time business dashboard on your various business on the move. The business dashboard are meant to be delivered to your Mobile device like tablet to get the constant glance on what's happening in your business. Connect your different systems to provide a automatic update and also enable the entries of the manual inputs to provide the visibility on the information which the business stakeholders need to know.

Smart Business Platform All the business grow organically over a period of time at different pace and it brings in the various process and systems in place which not necessarily talk each other and can not really accessible from anywhere leading to slow process and inefficiency. Smart Business platform is a platform on the cloud which has the ability to talk your multiple systems which could be on premise and provide your employees, partners and customers the ability to access the data.


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